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The State of Alabama is experiencing a massive and crippling budget shortfall. Major essential services, including but not limited to education, technology in the classroom, teachers' salaries and healthcare are all stagnant if not being cut. Alabama desperately needs alternative means of raising revenue, outside of increasing regressive sale taxes, gas taxes and income tax. An educational lottery is but one of the solutions, but it's a start.

We the undersigned petitioners, being American citizens and legal residents of the State of Alabama, do hereby petition Madame Governor Ivey, Alabama Secretary of State and Legislature along with all competent electoral authorities do the following. 1.) Place upon the ballot of the General congressional election of November 2020, a ballot question authorizing an educational lottery to be approved by the majority of Alabama voters.
2.)That the funds generated by this lottery, upon approval, starting in January 2021, be placed in a lock box account and only be used for the following educational expenditures. a.) HOPE scholarships for Alabama graduating Alabama high school students with an A-B average and HOPE for Alabama college students who achieve A-B average and/or Dean's List
b.) Free attendance at vocational schools, community colleges and job training facilities. Tuition free attendance at public universities for in-state residents coming from families making under $55,000 per year.
c.) Recruitment, hiring and retention of public teachers in Alabama schools.
d.) Teacher wage increases to no less 145% of the national average with annual increases based on inflation, performance along with incentive increases for acceptance of position in needy areas of the state.
e.) Free job training, career service, paid internships and job placement for Alabama students according to their skills and education.
f.) Building-up of educational infrastructure including the expansion and refurbishment of, schools, community colleges, Pre-k, child care facilities.
g,) Creation of pre-med, nursing and medical faculties in all public Universities in the State
h.) HOPE Scholarships, paid residencies and internships for Alabama students seeking careers in medicine.
i.) Creation of network of University Hospital Centers throughout the state.
j.)Creation of Paid internships for graduates at key Alabama employers including but not limited to Alabama Power, NASA, Tennessee Valley Authority, Hyandai, Mercedes, etc.

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