Raider Nation, where ever they live

Al Davis began as a coach of our beloved Raiders and in time became the owner. He has done incredible things with our team, to include winning two Super Bowls and producing many memorable moments.

Time has moved on and the Raiders have been stuck in a holding pattern. We need to have change within our team and that begins by allowing our current coach to do exactly what needs to be done. We have watched for over two decades now as Al Davis has been way too involved in the day to day operation of the team. Even Al Davis admitted he was far too intrusive with the termination of Art Shell, a great coach.

Al Davis needs to stop interfering in the operation of the team and allow all personnel, operation and staffing decisions. If the head coach needs to change the defensive coordinator, then let him do it.

We, the undersigned, request that Al Davis hire a General Manager and remove himself from all operation decisions.

Let the head coach run the team and allow the General Manager to run the organization. Al Davis needs to retire and become the Raiders number one fan.

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