#Human Rights
United States of America

I personally have witnessed the conditions of the Elmore County Jail and they are horrid.But I only have one gripe to address today and which is the matter that is needed to be tended to the most.That matter is that of the conditions of the ventilation system which doesnt exist and if it does its not being utilized.Along with the threat of Covid,wearing face masks,plus the body heat from fellow humans in unventilated rooms has presented an unprecedented amount of discomfort and is dier to the respiratory health efficiency,not to mention overall health.This has gone on for long enough.The year is 2020 and there is no reason for American citizens to suffer from the challenges of jail,Covid,and have to defeat nature without the freedom of movement to do so.No one is deserving of this especially considering the fact that a large majority of the population is there for petty crimes or traffic violations.If you have any compassion for your fellow man and his well being please sign this petition.This is largely unacceptable and it ends NOW.


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