#Students' Rights
School Board of Lake Local Schools
United States of America

The temperature of Lake High School, varying on the season can become unbearable. Whether it be scorching in the early fall/late spring, or a freezer in the winter, we can never seem to find a comfortable temp. Several schools throughout Stark County have switched to higher quality air conditioning and heating systems.

Before we begin expanding our school, or focusing on small things that need to be renovated, we should pay more attention to the larger problem: the comfort of the learning environment of the students.

By involving air conditioning and heating into our school system, we take away one more distraction which can be presented throughout our daily lives. For students, their schoolwork should be their main priority, rather than shivering or sweating all day long. With a regulated temperature, it allows for a more comfortable stay at the school and can even result in happier students with higher grades since they are not distracted with the lack of heat or air.

We, the students, call for more adequate and higher quality air conditioning/heating systems throughout our school district.

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