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In the past years the minimum smoking age has been raised from 16 to 18 which has pissed many people off. Now they have introduced a law that enforces an on the spot fine for under 18's in possession of cigarettes and an even an on the spot fine for anyone over 18 buying cigarettes for under agers.

A 16 year old is well aware of the risks and is old enough to make his own decisions. If a 16 year old is old enough to: Move out, get married and have kids in Scotland then why cant they go out for a drink or just have a fag now and then?

Now onto Video games and pornography. Why should there be an 18 rating? This is the marriage thing all over again. if a 16 year old can have sex why the hell is he/her not allowed to buy porn and/or games such as call of duty or grand theft auto? (these are generally rated at 18) It is a ridiculous fight for control over the people.

Once more for emphasis if a 16 year old gets married and has kids, what on earth is he/she supposed to do with their spare time? they are too old for playgrounds and everywhere else they can't get in because they either have to be 18, 21 or even 25.

This also has a small effect on crime.

For example:
16+boredom= Drugs, vandalism and more.

By signing this petition, i agree with all the aims of it and will not back out. The aim is:

To have the minimum smoking age reduced to 16 permanently.

To have the minimum drinking age reduced to 16.

To abolish the 15 and 18 age rating on video games and Films and replace those with 14 years (replacing the 15years) and 16 (replacing the 18 age rating).

Introduce a new 16 age.

By signing I hereby agree fully to the ALL of the above aims and urge the government to seriously consider this particular petition.

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