#Animal Welfare
Ministry of Sharjah
United Arab Emirates

The condition of the keeping of animals especially pet animals ie. cats and dogs in unhealthy and cruel conditions is way beyond belief.

A visit to the Sharjah animal market will guarantee you to be in shock after seeing for e.g. 2 large dogs in cages less than 2x4 no space for movement no water no food. Cats in bird cages even small dogs in bird cages!!!

Birds jam packed together in cramped conditions, some dead on the floor. This is only a fraction of the horrors there....

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Sharjah to stop the inhumane treatment of animals in the animal market.

Mistreating animals is considered a sin in Islam. A Muslim is responsible for the care of animals so much so that an ill-treated animal will testify against the one who abused it on the Day of Judgment. Islam forbids branding animals and killing them in vain, such as for sport. The Prophet Muhammad forbade people to capture birds, burn anthills, and whip animals. Even in slaughtering animals for food, Islam requires that the slaughtering be done according to Islamic procedure, which is humane and aims to cause the animals as little suffering as possible.

As humans, we have a responsibility towards every living creature. Please stop the cruelty NOW.

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