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A radical reform of child benefits, including ending payments to more than seven million families when their children reach the age of 13, is being considered by the Government’s new poverty adviser.

Frank Field, appointed by the coalition last week, is also looking at taxing child benefit and allowing parents to receive payments of up to £25,000 in the first three years after a child’s birth. In an interview with The Times, the former Labour minister said that the benefit, which costs the taxpayer £11 billion a year, should be linked more closely to the child’s age.

It is paid to every family until a child is 19 if he or she is in full-time education. Even the wealthiest parents get the £20 a week for their first child and £13.40 for each subsequent one.

We the undersigned respectfully request that the Government do not consider stopping Child Benefit at 13.

If anything children get more expensive as they get older and poorer families who already suffer poverty would struggle even more.

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The Against suggestions that Child Benefits should be stopped at age 13 petition to Government was written by Caroline Morgan and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.