#Human Rights
UK government
United Kingdom

The idea of having to either use the body scanner or be denied travel is against human rights.

Passengers, especially children, should have the right to have an opt-out system like some American airports do. To chose between the full body scanner, or a pat-down or a strip-search in serious cases.

This is basic human rights.

In America, passengers have the right to chose between the full body scanner, or a pat-down.

In the UK, all passengers including children must use the body scanners if selected or be denied travel.

What we want, at least, is the choice of how we are searched in airports so that we know who exactly is looking at our naked image, or our children's naked image.

We, the undersigned, call on the UK government to abolish the compulsory scanners and provide passengers with a choice. The body scanner, or a physical search.

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