NTT Facilities Hokkaido Office C/- NTT Docomo Hokkaido Office


NTT Docomo Hokkaido is planning on erecting a 15m high free standing communication tower with switching/facilities box at the base within Niseko Hirafu (middle village, Momiji Street) Resort Village within the remaining months of 2016 (no fixed date).

Within the last several years the community has formed new regulations to try to harmonize building/construction within the village and surrounding areas, but antenna construction, etc., doesn't fall within the regulations. Communication companies can built what ever they like, to what ever height they like... no holds barred... it is not right!

We the undersigned call for the halt to construction of free standing communication towers within the Niseko Ski Resort Village (Upper Hirafu, Middle Hirafu, lower Hirafu, Izumikyou 1,2&3, St Moritz, Centre Village, Osawa Riverside, Yamada 1 &2, Yotei no Sato, and Pension Village areas) and ask communication companies to look for other methods of delivery of these services or placement (eg. on top of existing buildings) of towers in areas outside the present and future accommodation areas described above.

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The Against Communication towers being erected in Niseko Resort Village ニセコヒラフビレージの中に大きいなタワーの反対です。 petition to NTT Facilities Hokkaido Office C/- NTT Docomo Hokkaido Office was written by Ross Carty and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.