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Africa Union Commission (AUC)

The Africa Union Commission and the Chairman of the Commission is the most important person in the Union. The Commission is currently headed by Dr. Jean Ping who get his mandate in an election in which just 53 citizens of the Union participate. Interestingly, the election is termed democratic. In the AU there are an estimate of 986 million citizens who are technically disenfranchised in this election with any possible excuse.

The AU is not functioning due to a stagnated Commission. The only solution here is to enfranchise more citizens of the 53 member states of the Union to participate in the election of the Chairman of the AUC.
The Assembly of the Union is more than competent enough to serve as a collegial body that will be choosing two chairmanship contenders and their two deputies who will be visiting all the 53 member states to sell and market themselves to the citizens on how they will be going about the common problems of the Union.

Each member state is then expected to conduct election for its citizens and the result submitted to the Union. Each country's vote will be counted as one and the candidate with the majority run the Union for 4 years.

This petition demands that the system of electing the chairman of the AU Commission is currently not effective and inefficient. The system is also discriminating and undemocratic enough.

We therefore demand from the AU Commission and the Assembly to allow us participate and vote in the election of the Chairman of the Commission of the Union. This democracy must be about everyone!

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