#Civil Rights

Houston is the most diverse and one of the fastest growing cities in Texas and it is also one of the fastest growing and most diverse cities in United States. The total population of Texas is 28,449,186 that makes it second largest state in country. Texas is also second largest in terms of surface area with 268,581 square miles (696,241 square kilometers). Texas takes the initiative to invest in the future by offering competitive incentives to companies who create jobs and drive innovation as they do business in Texas state and its communities. The state law makes it easy for companies to build businesses and by waving the state tax it helps them to get cheap labor and enhance their businesses with less cost. It resulted in fast growth of the state and also the city of Houston That is known for it is industries and diversities.
The diversity of Houston, the industrial and the state income tax law has created job opportunities in Houston that has attracted hard working people from all over the world especially from Afghanistan.

We the undersigned hereby call up on Afghan Government to open a consulate in Houston to serve its citizens living in this diverse and multicultural city. Thousands of our citizens’ already live in Houston. and the diversity, fast growing and industrial development of Houston is attracting more and more Afghans to migrate to this city. Houston is located 1,546.3 miles about 22 h 57 minutes from our embassy located in Washington DC. The distance and our busy life in Houston make it very inconvenient to visit our embassy for our civil needs. We fell it is our governments’ responsibility to open a consulate in Houston to serve its people in this great city, state and region.

Best regards

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