California State Water Resources Control Board
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Bloomingcamp Ranch is a small family farm located in Oakdale, CA.  The Ranch has been in the family since the 1940’s and is known for its Bake Shop and Park.  It’s primary business is raising almonds, walnuts and the Bake Shop.   Largely because of the Bake Shop, the domestic water supply is considered a public water system.  As a public water system, it is regulated by the California State Water Resources Control Board and Stanislaus County. The well has high nitrates.  They tell us that nitrates are a problem for infants and the elderly when ingested.  Since Bloomingcamp Water System found this problem, it has been using bottled water for cooking and drinking.  

Water delivery is not Bloomingcamp’s primary business - farming and the Bake Shop are.  Bloomingcamp Ranch and its Small Water System do not have the means to levy fees over hundreds or thousands of water customers to generate revenue.  An affordable solution for Bloomingcamp Water System, and other small businesses like it, is paramount and achievable for the sustainability small businesses. 

We request the California State Water Resources Control Board:
1. Reconsider its position on the use of bottled water and point of use treatment in the public restrooms. Consider Affordability when evaluating solutions, as identified by the US Environmental Protection Agency, for small water systems;
2. Use Variances to further enable Affordability;
3. Provide clear and specific requirements to water systems so they can properly evaluate regulatory and operational costs for each alternative;
4. Waive all fines imposed on Bloomingcamp Water System. The fines were imposed before allowing the petitions to be heard - we live in a society of innocent until proven guilty;
5. Provide the necessary extensions to Bloomingcamp Water System since it has taken the SWRCB over one year to have its petitions heard.

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