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A&E LivePD was on air while killing a young man that had congestive heart failure. Not one person tried to put their cameras down and help him while 4 police officers tased him after pleading for help. He died on live TV. There has to be some type of justice for this young man. They need that show off air and they need to press charges. This is the reason we are going through the riots that we are going through. The hate is horrible. Now LivePD refuses to allow the names or the tapes to be sent to the prosecutors office. They will not cooperate at all. Please help!!

Please help take LivePD off air and get justice for the young man that was killed by four police officers while being recorded on live TV. His family and him deserve justice!! Please sign to get this show off the air.

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The A&E LivePD needs to be removed!! petition to Television Broadcast was written by Casey Penrose and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.

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