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This petition regards Application D/2006/645/D and Application D/2006/645/E - made from the Oxford Art Factory to the City of Sydney Council.

I am aware that the Oxford Art Factory has submitted two applications to the City of Sydney Council.

Application D/2006/645/D - which seeks to remove the trial period applied to OAF's late trading hours - between midnight and 6am - 7 days a week; and
Application D/2006/645/E - which seeks to delete condition 1C from the existing application, which would allow the venue to provide entertainment during the day.

I support both of these applications.

Disallowing the venue to trade during the day makes community based endeavours such as markets, arts events and all ages gigs almost a financial and logistical impossibility. This detracts from the local community, rather than servicing it.

This lack of daytime trade also effects the Oxford Art Factory’s ability to function as a venue for corporate events – many of which feed positively into the local and national economy. Experiential marketing events, product launches, press conferences, film and photography shoots – this is what the venue uses extended trading hours for.

The venue also has a substantial visual arts platform which has potential to better service the local arts community with the inclusion of daytime trading. Local street artists and fine artists are regularly given employment and exhibition opportunities in the OAF Gallery Bar - and this could be expanded to cover broader arts initiatives if daytime trading was allowed.

Further, the Oxford Art Factory plays a vital role in Sydney's musical ecosystem. The venue provides a place for a diverse group of emerging musicians to play shows with no door charge - allowing them to make their first headway into the local live scene.

The venue also provides a place for Sydney's community of music fans to gather and see some of the best live acts from Australia and the world, in an intimate and engaging setting.

In an era where live venues are becoming increasingly rare, I value the Oxford Art Factory as a venue that truly supports both Australia's music industry and Sydney's music and arts loving community.

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