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Formally petitions the Government to acknowledge Irish adopted people’s full identities that the on-going discrimination and breach of their human and civil rights due to the circumstances of their birth be immediately legislated for.

And further petitions to return the rights of Irish mothers and the States failure to allow them access to their adult children’s information.

Legal adoption came into effect on January the first 1953 in Ireland with the first legally adopted people reaching the age of 18 in 1971. During the past 60 years, eight Adoption Acts and an amendment to the Constitution have been brought forward. All without a single piece of legislation to grant information rights or statutory based information and tracing services to adopted Irish people.

Adoption Rights Now! Is petitioning for change now!

1. That the discriminatory section 28 of the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts exempting adopted people be removed.

2. That adopted adults have access to all information to know their families of origin, their own original name, their mother’s name, their place of birth, the circumstances which led to their adoption and their early care and medical treatment. The Irish state is in ongoing violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Article 2.1 We petition That Ireland uses the example of Northern Ireland since 1987 and England and Wales since 1975 where Information is available to both mothers seeking family, adoptees seeking family including siblings and Ireland legislates as such.

3. That the Irish State move immediately to identify and inform all citizens it knows were used in the state approved vaccine trials and to inform them of their involvement, and that the state compensate accordingly.

4. A full, independent tribunal into any state funded and regulated and or any religious run, notorious ‘Mother & Baby homes’. Such a Tribunal to include but not be limited to:
Mortality rates of mothers.
Mortality rates of babies and children.
State payments to religious congregations.
The export of Irish children abroad.
The forced and coerced and forged signatures of Mothers.
A full investigation into all vaccine trails.

5. A review into the ongoing inefficient service provided by the untrained, unqualified HSE, the state establish an Independent Central Body be immediately set up to protect, document and record all files relating to all adoptions and all ledgers from institutions that ran adoption services including Mortality ledgers and burial places, the transfer of children with disabilities to other institutions, illegal adoptions, exported citizens and domestic adoptions.

6. That legislation be immediately enacted that henceforth all adoptions domestic and foreign shall be ‘open’.

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Adoption rights Now.

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