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Adopt and Fully Implement an Anti-Bullying Policy in Chilton County School District and Strictly Enforce the Code of Conduct.

The administration of The Chilton County School District has repeatedly demonstrated a non-compliance with its established Code of Conduct. As the acts of violence and bullying become more prevalent in our school and in order to assure the safety of students, staff, and faculty, we feel it is necessary to adopt and implement a school-wide anti-bullying policy.

Many cases of bullying have gone unrecorded by those who have become victims of bullies and as a result my children, many other children, and future children will continue to suffer.

We, the undersigned, respectfully request the Board of Education, Superintendent , High School Principal, Middle School Principal, and Elementary Principal to reexamine the repeated acts of violence and bullying that have occurred within the past two school years.

We are calling on the aforementioned to reexamine our district's Code of Conduct and realize that it is not being adhered to and or enforced when dealing with bullies. Disciplinary action is not consistent, nor is it harsh enough. We strongly feel that action needs to be taken to adopt and implement an anti-bullying policy at all costs.

Out of concern for the safety of students, faculty, and staff we are strongly requesting your immediate attention to assure that board-approved policies are strictly followed, that any anti-bullying policy that may be adopted is taken seriously, and that any violators of this policy are dealt with fairly, but with swift and definitive action.

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