Plaquemines Parish Commission Council
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Throughout the entire 2003 recreational baseball season, there has been continuous confusion and conflict, which we feel originates from the new P.P. Recreational Supervisor, Catherine V. Billiot. We are quite concerned that these problems will continue to escalate and will not be resolved until someone intervenes.

1. Game schedules, times and dates, have constantly changed throughout the season and Parish, causing confusion and inconvenience to all involved.

2. Mrs. Billiot is very rude and disrespectful and speaks to people as if they are children. She has the attitude that she's "THE BOSS" (which she has repeatedly stated to coaches, parents, parish employees and others involved) and things will be her way, with no compromise or discussion.

3. There is obvious partiality toward the Buras area by Mrs. Billiot. An example of this is the number of games played in Boothville and Port Sulphur compared to the games played in Buras. This includes tournaments.

We, the undersigned, being citizens of Plaquemines Parish are appealing to the Plaquemines Parish Council to address the issues of the continous confusion, conflicts, "My way or no way" attitude, and disrespect which originates from the newly hired Plaquemines Parish Recreation Supervisor, Catherine V. Billiot.

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