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Mansion View Home Owner's Association
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There is a need for more "Children at play" signs in the community.

Several neighbors have noticed vehicles traveling at faster speeds than the posted signs.

Some drivers not aware of children in the street or on a curb playing near the street.

As a member of the community it is my concern that on more than one occassion there have been children playing in or near the street in the community and drivers have been either driving too fast or not paying enough attention to notice them.

While we are thankful that there have been no accidents and no injuries the opportunity still exists. Minimizing the possibility further would take little more than half a dozen additional "children at play" signs posted strategically around the community.

As it stands right now there is only one and it is not as prominently posted as could be.

I believe, as do many members of the community that if the HOA would purchase and have additonal signs posted we could avoid the possibility of any child or driver being injured because we have not done enough to make everyone aware of the presence of our beloved children.

By adopting this action, adding these additional signs, the HOA will help strengthen and protect our children and our community.

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