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Other countries have a No Confidence provision in their laws in order to remove elected officials from office. I believe that this would be a benefit to the United States as well.

Currently, we have an Impeachment process that can be cumbersome, expensive and drawn-out.

A No Confidence Vote is a simple matter and can be written in such a manner as to provide for an orderly transition of power and in a way that the priviledge would not be able to be abused.

We, the undersigned US voters, would like to add No Confidence Legislation provision to the Constitution of the United States to state:

Whereas the elected official, (name), has not carried out the duties of his/her office in sufficient manner to maintain the confidence of the electorate of the United States and said individual has maintained a disapproval of 60% or more for not less than 120 days. We believe that (name) should be compelled to immediately vacate the office to which he/she was elected and new elections shall be held within 90 days of removal.

In the case that this rule of law pertains to the president of the US, the houses of Congress shall elect an interim President and Vice President from the pool of State Governors. This individual will serve until the people of the United States may vote.

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