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If you're tired of Google's forced way of navigation through your Pixel phone sign this petition and let's try and change their point of view a little bit.
If you feeling that support for product you have just bought from Google is non existent, sign the petition and let Google hear our voice and rectify their mistakes by giving their customers freedom of using their product however they want.
If you're appreciate Google's way to making their system flawless, yet more difficult somehow in different ways, it's time to gather together and let them know that Google's end users are different from others and expecting only best customer service without IF's and BUT's.

Dear Google.

Please bring an option of customisable navigation bar to your Pixel phones.
Let us choose if we want to use your gesture technology.
Let us choose to organise the buttons the way we want to.
We understand your point of view.
We appreciate that you're trying to make using your system easier for all.
Unfortunately you only made it worse for most of us by implementing navigation gestures and not letting us choose how do we want to navigate through android system.
You can still fix it, simply by bringing the power back to your end users and giving them option of organising their own navigation bar the way they want it.

Your faithful.

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