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After seeing our own children targeted by their bus driver, when no other adult or teacher has ever had a complaint on them, and then having one of them get suspended off the bus for "playing" and hearing him deny it, as his parents, we went to defend him at the school, and the administrative office only to be told nothing could be done.

It was his word against the bus driver's. Cameras on the bus would ensure the child and the bus driver from having to defend their own word. It would also keep the bus driver from feeling he/she has to constantly keep their eyes on the children while driving to make sure they are behaving rather than keeping his eyes on the road. Which in my opinion is a safety hazard.

We are asking you sign this petition to have cameras added to school buses to protect children who can't stand up for their selves, parents who feel their hands are tied and the bus drivers who have parents that always assume their child is innocent. This protects everyone's rights.

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