#Students' Rights
Oakland University
United States of America

Oakland University's campus is growing. The Student Body must have their voice heard.

We demand that Kresge Library add a back door entrance for students to use. The current space is not being used and there is an increase of foot traffic behind Kresge due to the new Engineering Center, Elliott Hall, Pawley Hall, Varner Hall, and the new parking structure. 75 of the 130 Majors call Varner Hall their home, Engineering Center has 5, and Pawley has 6. This is over 10,000 students that would enter in the backdoor, instead of walking around Kresge to enter in the building.

We need 5,000 signatures to approach the administration about building a new backdoor entrance for the Kresge Library.

We, the Student Body, call on Oakland University to heed our call to build a backdoor entrance to Kresge Library.

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The Add a Backdoor to Kresge Library petition to Oakland University was written by Catey DiMaggio 2016 Campaign and is in the category Students' Rights at GoPetition.