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Friends, fellow council tax payers and gym users
Did you know?

The council is planning to close this facility as early as the 4th of December 2011?


•They have not published or responded to the results of the latest (July 2011) public consultation

•They have no final approved plans for the much lauded regeneration project

•They have no confirmed funding in place

•They have not applied for planning permission

•They have not found alternative facilities for some of the clubs and user groups (as promised) that have served the community for years!

If they are allowed to close this facility – YOUR FACILITY – without any of these commitments in place, we face the very real prospect of an abandoned and derelict building in the heart of our community and the absence of any pool or gym facilities in Acton for the foreseeable future.

However with enough support & signatures we may be able to keep it open until the building work begins.

Please sign this petition, spread the word by mouth, in person and online we need to get as much support as possible by Tuesday 18th October 2011, and continue support over the weeks following.

If as a community we stand for nothing...
We will fall for everything!

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