#Interspecies Communication
United Nations

By scientific estimates, there are 11.3 million species on Earth — and likely many more unknown to people. Each and every living being calls this planet home and has an equal right to live here in safety and peace. Yet humans — a single species — are treating the planet as if we are the only ones who exist or matter. Our reckless, careless, and selfish decisions are affecting millions of other species (representing trillions of life forms) and all we care about is our own well-being (and even that is in jeopardy).

The growing field of interspecies communication is giving us a whole new insight into the thoughts, wisdom, and even preferences of our own companion animals. There are now too many case studies and books on the subject to dispute this! This innate ability in every person to communicate telepathically the way all other species do is also enabling us to begin talking with the world's wildlife and other life forms, from manatees and mangroves to mushrooms and microbes. It's the first major step to respecting our fellow Earthlings, giving them a voice, and learning their opinions about how to best treat our planet and live together more prosperously.

By recognizing that all life forms are sentient, we take a giant step toward creating a more gentle, aware, and compassionate society. If you consider yourself in that group, stand with others who do as well and let's begin transforming this world, first through consciousness, then through action.

We the undersigned implore the world to recognize all life forms on Earth as sentient and able to feel and experience things around them.

Sign this petition and show your solidarity with this movement as we count down to October 2020, when we will move into that action with the first-ever World Interspecies Communication Month (https://InterspeciesTalk.org).

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