Too much power corrupts one's mind against making just and reasonable decisions that promote peace and protect the rights of citizens.

Adolf Hitler and Musolini Benito are good examples of destructive leadership whose absolute power brought the world to rack and ruin. A civilized world today doesn't have a place for leaders who wield absolute power but those that respect the peoples voice, leaders who feel secure with devolved power rather than those who feel insecure with devolved power.

Any leader who strives to retain too much power is thus only a dictator. The Kenyan president has allowed to too much power to go to his feet rather that his head.

He is using that same to trample on democracy and viciously infringe into the rights of Kenyans who put all their eggs of hope in his basket in 2002.

We, the undersigned, call on Kenyans within the country and in the diaspora to pressurize the Kibaki administration to respect the will of Kenya and give them a chance just like they gave him in 2002.

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