#Animal Rights
Any and All Involved

Three slaughter houses are hidden within the United States of America. Three hell buildings that steal the lives of thousands of innocent animals.

Transported in cramped cattle trucks or tractor trailors, mares, stallions, and foals are taken to the slaughter daily. Malnurished, starving, dieing, the animals are packed together in pens awaiting their death. For many the conditions in which they are kept get to them before the slaughter does and are dead before they hit the box.

The process begins with a 'stunning'. Stunning as it is, this does not mean the emotion. 'Stunning' of a horse is when a metal rod is shot directly through their foreheads into their skulls and deep within the brain. This action obviously paralyzes the animal. They are then thrown down a shoot into a 'kill box' where they are taken out and lifted upside down to be hung by their hind legs.

Their throats are slashed and left to bleed out to death. From there, their hides are sliced off for leather like a cow. Hooves are ground into hoof glue and the meat can also me made into glue, or dog food, or even transported to other parts of the world where eating horse meat is a delicacy.

But if you ask me it's disgusting and repulsive and needs to be put to an end.

It doesn't matter if youlike horses or not, it's a matter of right and rong. What is happening to these horses is wrong! The government doesn't know what they want to do and some stupid bill isn't going to stop this from continuing to happen.

Use your voice, speak out! Sign the petition along with any others you may find to help abolish this horrific tragedy for good!

Abolish horse slaughter now!

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