#Human Rights
South Australian Government

In 1988, the South Australian Government enacted changes to the Adoption Act. The new act changed the way adoptions were handled in this state. From 1988, in recognition of the emotional harm caused to adoptees by the pre-existing closed adoption laws, all adoptions were, by default, open. This allowed adopted people to have access to identifying information about their birth parents, thus providing a sense of identity, access to personal medical information, and opportunity, where desired, to reunite with their birth parents.

Unfortunately, this legislation was not retrospective and consequently 158 South Australian adoptees are denied access, by veto, to any identifying information.

We need your support to change this denial of the basic human right to know who we are.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of South Australia to repeal the section of the South Australian Adoption Act, 1988, that facilitates the application of vetos to adoptee files, thus denying those affected adoptees, access to personal identifying information, and to enact full, open and unrestricted access to identifying information and the freedom to pursue that information for all adoptees affected by the current veto system.

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