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Senators, elderly, and physically disabled
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This is Loreena Minaudo, and thanks to Rep Leon Drolet and Rep Fred Miller who made it possible for Bill 4258 to pass through the House. This was our second try, and my DNOM's friends, along with my brother Joe supported me in everyway. It happened on September 7th 2005.

Please digest these following questions. Did you ever consider how demoralizing it is to sign your own name with an X when you're disabled? And what if someone would come up to you and remark, "Anyone can write an X!" What would you say? Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I can't speak for the others, but in my own life, these questions are asked.

My name is Loreena Minaudo, and I have cerebral palsy - a birth defect. Through no fault of my own, my arms and hands don't have the motor control to write my name. It isn't because I'm not educated. In fact, in 1991 I did not only receive an Associate of Arts degree from Macomb Community College, but President Al Lorenzo published my first book called A Cry for Education. So, for someone to say," Anyone can sign an x," I feel like saying - Does the word STUPID appear on my forehead?

I am often ignored, talked down to, or smirked at by able-bodied men and women out in society. Unfortunately, due to my affliction, I find that the disabled and the elderly communities are the most targeted by not so honest people. Then, I have heard too many horror stories about Personal Aides, Con Artists, and family members who forge the X signature to get our money.

This is why I, as well as the rest of the physically challenged people who have arm and hands limitations, need something more than an (X) when signing our names. We would like to use a thumbprint or fingerprint for signing our names.

According to the Academic American Encyclopedia it says that fingerprinting is one of the earliest forms of scientific evidence to be recognized in the courts of law. An individual's ten fingerprints form an indelible, unchangeable signature, and fingerprint records can be used for identification, despite changes in an individual's appearance or age.

The Bill had voted unanimously. But in later months, HB 4258 was attached to the Garbage Bill, and they were both trashed down. But despite this, Colleen Manning pushed Rep Leon Drolet to reinstate the Bill again, which he did.


Loreena Minaudo

Goverrnor Jenniifer M. Granholm signed Bill 4258 into law on December 14, 2005.
Yet, my main goal is to have the Fingerprint Law to go nationwide!

Let's fight for this bill!

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