In order to gain entry to Kuwait and become a resident, one must have received a work permit and a sponsorship offer.

A sponsor (kafeel) is a person or a company that brings workers to Kuwait. In the case where one is fired, they lose their sponsor and therefore have no grounds to stay in the country, and are therefore forced to leave.

Often, aspiring workers are left with no choice but to buy a residency from a residency trader. This disrupts the economy, breaks the cycle, and allows all types of people into our society - not to mention illegal.

Although it is illegal, the system encourages it, therefore we aim to amend this system.

نحن مجموعة من الشباب تهمنا مصلحة الكويت وسمعتها في المجتمع الدولي.. وكوننا جميعاً معنيين بقضية حقوق الإنسان والتي هي القضية الإنسانية الآسمى.. فلقد آلينا على أنفسنا أن ندفع بإتجاه وطن ينعم فيه الجميع بالمقومات الاساسية للمعيشة والمعاملة الغير حاطة بالكرامة باذلين في سبيل ذلك وقتنا وجهدنا لتغيير واقع لطالما سأم الجميع معايشته

هذه عريضة لتسجيل الموقف الداعم لإلغاء قانون الكفيل واستبداله بقانون يضمن حقوق الطرفين من عمال وأصحاب العمل.. نرجوا منكم التوقيع على هذه العريضة كونها سترفع إلى وزير الشئون الإجتماعية والعمل لتشكل موقف ضغط نحو إضفاء تعديلات أفضل

نرجوا مشاركتكم

We are a group of young concern to the interest of Kuwait and its reputation in the international community .. And we are all concerned with the issue of human rights and humanitarian issue, which is the ultimate the issue of our future. We have it upon ourselves to pay towards the home which all can enjoy the basic tenets of living.

This petition to register the position in support of the repeal of the sponsor and replaced by the law of the parties to guarantee the rights of workers and employers.

We hope that you sign this petition being submitted to the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor to form the position of pressure towards giving the best adjustments.

Thank you

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