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The assumption of paternity law in Pennsylvania basically states that if a married woman has an affair and bares a child as a result of the affair then in order to preserve her current marriage the father of the child involved in the affair has virtually no rights to the child he has fathered because the child is assumed to be of the husbands creation. I believe this is a violation of human and civil rights and it should not be tolerated. We always preach the important role of a father in a child's life but here in Pennsylvania it seems we like to promote deadbeat dads with a outdated and cruel law such as this. It's prevents good people who want to be involved with their children from doing that very thing. People make mistakes and therefore potential fathers should be able to have visitation with their children doing this doesn't have to put a current marriage in jeopardy. Under the assumption of paternity law potential fathers can't get DNA tests or blood tests done to prove that they are the father because as I said the child is assumed to be of the husband. I always learned that the law was about fact and not assumption so this law is in my view unlawful. I believe it is an old leftover that was on the books to protect women's honor in the poodle skirt generation but everyone knows those days are gone and today women should be held accountable for their actions just as men are. Visiting a child you created doesn't have to ruin a marriage and everyone should have the right to know if they are a father and visit that child if they're suitable and proven to be fathers thank you and please sign to abolish this law in Pennsylvania.

I want to abolish the assumption of paternity law in Pennsylvania.

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