Government of India

The Government of India has always considered the state of Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of the Republic yet its own policy of special status for the state prevents the state from integrating into the country.

By barring Indian citizens from settling in the States, the assimilation of the state is hampered. Moreover considering Pakistan has accelerated interstate immigration into Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, the initial intent of preserving the demographics of the state for a plebescite is no longer valid.

If J&K is to one day be a prosperous and integrated state in India, the special status of the state should be repealed.

We Undersigned feel that the special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir hamper its integration into the Indian republic and seek a repeal of this status.

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The Abolish Special Status for Jammu and Kashmir petition to Government of India was written by Varun John and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.