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SATs are unnecessary tests that cause a great amount of stress for both students and teachers. They are meant to show how well the school is performing by testing the knowledge and ability of its students, but what they end up showing is the result of weeks of panicked revision and pressure put on the students by the teachers and on teachers by the government.

The line we were familiar with at primary school - "they're just a test of the school" - was never valid. Our SATs results were used to determine our sets for secondary school, and now, in year 9, for GCSEs. What effect do you think this has on the students who do well in class, but badly in exams? I know from experience how difficult it is to move up a set once you've been dumped at the bottom.

As a school student myself I feel it is particularly important that SATs are abolished.

We the undersigned call on the government to abolish standard assessment tests (SATs).

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