#Students' Rights
Lady Lumley's Secondary School, Pickering
United Kingdom

Our school uniform is truly rubbish. It is a bottle green jumper (that we have to wear in winter whether we want to or not), a yellow and green tie (ew), black trousers or skirt, white shirt, and plain black shoes.

They are so strict on shoes that shoe shopping is even more of a nightmare for me, because I have very narrow feet, a half size, plus I don't wear real leather, so with all these extra unnecessary rules, it's an impossible task!

For some reason, the administration seems to think if we look "smart", we'll work better. This isn't true. If we're clever, we're clever. If we're not, we're not.

Another common excuse is that we won't get bullied for not having the latest trends. No one in my tutor group are that shallow. Actually we get bullied more for doing well at school. So are they saying we should all flunk so we don't get picked on? Or should we just ignore the bullies and carry on, in both cases? Duh.

And how are we supposed to make political statements with such a harsh dress code? If we can't just dress all in black and write "Greenpeace Rules 4Eva" on our T-Shirts, we'll be driven to do more drastic things, like shooting out windows with a BB gun. Not that I would ever do this, being ethically opposed to guns, but hey, it was an example. I'm sure other people have and will be driven to do things like this simply from having no other way to express themselves.

Please sign to show LLS how we feel about their oppressive dress code! Thanks!

We, the undersigned, call on Lady Lumley's School of Pickering (North Yorkshire, England), to abolish the restrictive dress code, in favour of allowing students to choose what they want to wear for themselves, for all the reasons stated above.

We feel that more freedom of expression would improve the quality of life in school, and would actually help combat the problem of bullying.

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