#Animal Rights
Senator Peter McGauren

February 27, 2006

Following a report aired by 60 Minutes on Channel 9 on Sunday February 26, 2006 showing the inhuman treatment of cattle in Egypt prior to slaughter.The horrible treatment included cutting their heel tendons to immobilise them and most terribly, plunging a knife into their eye sockets to lever their heads around.

The perpertrators claim they are not Australian cattle, although there is proof that they are, and in any case their origin does not affect the inhumane nature of the treatment.

We, the undersigned electors of Australia,demand that the Australian Government and Departments of Foriegn Affairs and Trade act responsibly and without delay to ensure that there is no continuance of the inhumane treatment of Australian cattle being slaughtered in Egypt.

We also demand that further sales of live cattle to Egypt be suspended until it is absolutely proven that the current horrible practices in Egyptian slaughter yards has been eradicated permanently.

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