Australia First

The United Nations created a World Government in Sept. 2000 but the mainstream media chose to keep everyone in the dark about it. Under this regime you still vote as you currently do BUT anything the World Government disagrees with it just over rides the Nation government. The problem for us is that we get NO SAY in the W.Gov.(commonly known as Globalisation). Its only purpose is for more Power to the Mega-Rich and MultiNational Corps. This is who the U.N. REALLY help.

Most countries now have a VAT/GST tax which the W.Gov. will take control of, the UN want each country to contribute Troops to it. Under the Human Rights Comm. it is overriding our laws. The sentences of James Bolgers' child killers is one example. Etc. Their program is going ahead at a rapid pace so we need to act on it NOW.

We, the undersigned want the World Government(Globalisation) dismantled and for our national governments to pull out of it and treaties they have signed with the W.Gov. to give ordinary people a Fair Go.

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