Federal Government - Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Senators do not provide a value to Canada.
Senators cost Canadians a whole lot of money.
Senators are unelected.
Senators are appointed through patronage.
Senators are ineffective.
Senators are not responsible to the electorate.
Senators get pensions most of us can only dream about.
Senators are not sanctioned by the electorate.
Senators do not deserve a golden pension.

We the undersigned object to the many levels of political representation. The Federal government has an exorbident cost structure and an alarming number of politicians associated to it.

We are demanding that the party in power, contain these costs, to lessen the burden on the public purse. One such obvious opportunity is in the abolition of the Senate, or a dramatic reduction in numbers.

The members are not only, not elected, but are also ineffective and completely devoid of any representative equality.

The Senate is a cesspool of patronage appointments and have no justification - this must change.

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