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The aim of this petition is to bring about a complete ban against spaying and castrating animals as there are more humane ways of sterilising animals (examples of other sterilisation methods are low dosages of X- rays or microwaves, sterilisation implants, season-preventing pheromones, which may only work with female dogs, or if these ideas turn out to be impractical due to cost or side effects, then tubal ligations and vasectomies could be used).

Neutering can also result in a lot of unfortunate side effects, such as temporary or perminant loss of confidence in both males and females, urinary incontinence in females, decreased metabolic rates (which can lead to obesity), decreased bone and muscle density and the operation can cause dogs to become more likely suffer from knee ligament degeneration and knee arthritis.

Behaverioural problems can also be prevented training the animal properly in the first place, or they can be cured by using operant conditioning (which simply involves encouraging acceptable behaviours through rewards while discouraging unacceptable behaviour).

If you agree with the aims of the Society against neutering (check the website for all the arguments against neutering), please fill out this petition in order to make your support known.

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