Svend Robinson NDP Government of Canada

My grandson was abducted on 20th February 2001, one month after his first birthday. My daughter-in-law (visitors status) was allowed to apply, for, and get, a passport for my grandson, without my sons' consent or signature. My daughter-in -law had a Japanese passport and my grandson had a Canadian passport, both of them had different surnames, and they were allowed to pass customs and airport security "NO QUESTIONS ASKED". THIS COULD HAVE BEEN YOUR CHILD, PLEASE SIGN. THANKYOU

We are calling on the Canadian Government to prevent one parent from signing a passport application of an under aged child, without the proper authorization of the second parent. An Affidavit should not be permitted in a child passport situation.

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The Abduction and childrens passports petition to Svend Robinson NDP Government of Canada was written by Eleanor J McD Wilson and is in the category Government at GoPetition.