#Law Reform
US Congress
United States of America

July 23, 2006

Mexico is the US neighbooring country with the economy for many years obstructed by socialist immigration laws creating social-like jobs consuming milions of tax dolars.

This petition is to abandon any immigration control and restrictions for Mexican citizens indefinitely.

Because of the strategic and geographic position of Mexico we ask US congress to abandon any immigration restrictions for Mexican citizens to allow them freely work and move to the United States.

The US-Mexican free market should regulate the job admisibility of Mexican citizens making it exclusively up to the employer and putting also higher standarts on the education in Mexico and bilingualism, The current immigration policy with Mexicy is the socialist law de facto controlling US economy on the save level that Soviet Union was controlling socialist economy within the Warsaw Pack.

Milions of tax dollars are consumed by protection slams along the Mexican border which can be converted into real production jobs of American citizens.

The Mexican government at the same time should be helped to create iron border with other states in the way similiar to the europeanian Schengen protecti US and Mxico from commnt crime and the terrorism.

The government of Mexico should at the same time to be requested to abondon immigration and emloyement restrictions on Mexican citizens.

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