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1) Zero stamps for Halloween.The 2nd most popular US Holiday.
2) Christmas has 4 or more every year, also Quanza has a stamp.
3)Sports Balls,Kites,Hot Wheels,Disney,Scooby Doo, and T-Rex all have a Stamp
4)There are sites and stores decated to this 1 day in the form of Costumes,Decorations,and more.
5) Less then a Billion dollars will be spent on Halloween then Christmas. Its dumps BILLIONS into our Economy every year.Americans will spend more on Halloween then Thanksgiving,and Easter.

If you go to the US Post Office you can find stamps ,with some Amazing art, to Celebrate almost every occasion and holiday, but nothing for Halloween.I have seen stamps for States,Diasney,Historical Figures,Muppets,Sharks, and even Balls( yes,every day sports) Balls.We have celebrated Presidents with a stamp or Flowers and of course Christmas( which has several stamps) and yet.the second most popluar Holiday we spend Billions on has Never been rewarded with a single stamp. I have look and studdied but have never found a stamp that represents Halloween. Millions of Americans (not ncluding around the world) will join in the fun of Halloween,weather it's to celebrate a birthday (my best friend was a Halloween baby) or join in the fun of the Tradition of Trick or Treating ,wtih either going out with kids and friends or staying home a handing out candy.Of course wewill go and be "scared: silly "a Haunted houses or theme park,or even entire communities (Salam MAss) who devote and enyire week to tis Holiday,but or US Post office can't muster up a single stamp in its Honor, why? I believe, like many, its way past time to show how much we enjoy,respect,and love Halloween by having a yearly Stamp or more then one.If you want this to happen also,Pleasesign up and Help to get a Stamp by 2020.

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