West Lancashire Borough Council
United Kingdom

Skelmersdale is the largest town in West Lancashire, with a population of just under 39,000. Since the dissolution of Skelmersdale Development Council in 1985 we have not had our own Town Council as 21 other towns and villages in West Lancs. do. We do not think this is right.

We have many hard working and caring Councillors from Skelmersdale that form part of West Lancs Borough Council - we feel that our town would be better served if they were based in Skelmersdale - where they were elected to represent our community.
The people of Skelmersdale have long felt that their voice is not being heard and we call on WLBC to help change this.

We understand that to trigger a Community Governance Review we must present the Council with a petition signed by at least 7.5% of the electorate of Skelmersdale, this equates to 1867 people that make up the 7 wards - Ashurst, Birch Green, Digmoor, Moorside, Skelmersdale North, Skelmersdale South and Tanhouse

Skelmersdale Independence Movement and it's supporters will actively promote the signing of this petition on Social media and in the local press.

On reaching the required number of signatories, we call on West Lancs. Borough Council to carry out the Community Governance Review in a timely manner and to grant Skelmersdale the right to have it's own Town Council, based in Skelmersdale for the good of the people of Skelmersdale.

We, the undersigned, want Skelmersdale to have its own Town Council and call on West Lancashire Borough Council to carry out a Community Governance Review and give the people of Skelmersdale its own voice.

The A Town Council for Skelmersdale petition to West Lancashire Borough Council was written by Skelmersdale Independence Movement and is in the category Government at GoPetition.