Tulsa County Registered Voters
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You hardly ever hear about the woman committing the domestic crime, we always hear about the man doing this. This is one of those rare cases that a woman murdered a man that didn't want to be with her anymore and because of her false testimony of "self defense w/o bruises" and the solcities outlook an standard she walked away with murdering Cornell Clemons with a evidence of her confession on tape.

For 7 years they have been together and they tried to make it work but unfortunatly it ended in a traggic dispute.

On the night of April 27th, 2006 Cornell Clemons lost his life because he decided to leave a relationship that wasn't going to work. He decided that he spent too much time trying to love someone who didn't know love.

With all the evidence that was persented such as "the recorded confession and documented time frames and statement of various factual sources" Jana Burns, alias (Jana Mcintosh, Jana Woodforth/Woodfork, Phantasia) is another murderess that is roaming free in society.

We the undersigned "Clemons' Family and Friends" are sincerely asking for the help and signatures of any and all Tulsa County Registered Voters to sign this petition to add peace to the loved ones that are left with the sorrow of an unjust murder back to open trial.

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