President Elect Trump and Mrs. Hillary Clinton
United States of America

Occurrences, in the past several days, since the US Presidential election including but not limited to:
- Violence outbreaks posting in social media with regards to the election results
- Racial and anti-LGBT slurs and profanity being yelled from vehicles, in passing
- Threats of bodily harm and worse on members of certain classes or religions
- Protests, though relatively peaceful for now, against the election results
- Social media reports of discriminatory treatment of those with different beliefs
- Protests can escalate into riots where lives are lost
- Violence can spread rampantly and many people can be hurt or killed

Regardless of your political stance, your help with this is vital!

We, the people, are calling on you, President Elect Donald Trump and Mrs. Hillary Clinton, to come together in solidarity to hinder the escalation of attacks on individuals and groups of people based on who they supported in the election.

Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, stand together, side by side and demand your supporters to stop the violence and hate against their fellow Americans. Tell all Americans that this behavior is NOT condoned by either of you and will not be tolerated.

We feel this would be a huge step in the right direction to aid in the reconciliation of a divided country. The inhumane acts of violence and verbal abuse MUST stop!

We respectfully request, that you lead your supporters by example. We make no policy or political demand here. We ask that you simply reiterate to your respective supporters what America, as a civilized country, stands for AND stands against.

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