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The war on terror has been dragging on for years. Each individual country is fighting it their own way or they are waiting for the United states to take the lead on the war. Terrorism is a global threat so all countries should come together to fight it but not only terrorism but piracy, the trading in slaves & sex slaves and drugs.

The war on terror is not an individual country's responsibility but a global one. While we follow stupid rules and they do not we will slowly loose ground like we are in the war against drugs, piracy and slavery. What we need is a special military unit lead by an experience special forces commander to do the job. This force should be made up from all countries willing to join. The force should be made up with experience men and women and they are to be controlled by a council from member nations. This council has no veto powers. The military force should have be allowed to operate in every country freely so that they can do their job. Every year the Senior Commander should report their progress to all of the Heads of State. I believe that the only way to fight terror is with terror and this is the way to do it as every country is involved and it frees up other military units to do other jobs. This force should have state of the art equipment and their sole responsibility is to fight terrorism, drugs, slavery and piracy. Every year a Chairperson is elected by fellow council members as well as the Leader of each country and the Senior Commander.

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