Canadian Government Delegation to Bali

From December 3rd – 14th, world leaders will be meeting in Bali for the UN climate change conference where the decisions made will have a lasting impact on future generations.

A delegation of 30 Canadian youth will be going to Bali to demand clear and concrete commitments from the government; they are demanding Canada work with the international community to ensure a livable and sustainable future. Let's make sure our voices are heard and join them through this petition.

Canadian youth demand that our government:

Under the Harper government, Canada has shied away from a meaningful climate change policy. The Bali UN climate change conference provides the opportunity for Canada to take a leadership role while the world negotiates the future of the Kyoto Protocol.

Although the current government has given up hope that Canada can meet its Kyoto Protocol commitments the youth of Canada have not. There is still time to mitigate serious and irreversible climate change. It is for this reason that Canadian youth, the inheritors of the planet, are speaking out.

It is our health, our safety, our well being, and our future that are being gambled in Bali.

1 – Lead by example;

2- Play an active role in pushing for binding, absolute, science-based emissions reductions targets for industrialized countries during Kyoto's second commitment period;

3 – Enforce strict penalties for failing to meet said targets .

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