#battered Women and Children
Mayor of every city in Ohio and The President
United States of America

Women and Children does not deserve to be physically, mentally, and sexually abused. These people need help to live. They fight every day for their freedom and I was once one of those children and one of those women.

I know what if feels like not be loved so I want to open a home to help and teach with everyday life cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes. They will receive counseling, anger management, and if they didn't finish school they will get job training.

We are against the abuse of women and children.

So let's help fight against it and make a better law against it.

Sentences: 1st time domestic violence 6 months in jail; 2nd time 1 year in jail; 3rd time life in jail.

And with all offenses the surviving person abused will get a restraining order and an order of protection and they will receive counseling and help on how to live on their own.

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