The right honourable John Howard PM

June 25, 2006

The very people who have enabled this country to be what it is today are being treated with contempt financially!

The amount they are expected to live on is a disgrace! Those who try to supplement their pension by WORKING are penalised!

Politicions received generous salary rises and pensions, while our senior citizens struggle to maintain a reasonable life style!

The Right Honourable John Howard PM:

Sir, we owe a great deal to the senior citizens of our country who for most part are unable to work, they deserve to be treated with honour and financial support.

We the undersigned respectively request that the pensioners of this country be treated with greater fairness and respect in regard to the payements received for daily living.

We also request that those who are able and willing to supplement the payements by continuing to work, not be penalised by the removal of part or all of their pension.

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