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Most Americans are aware that animals are abused and neglected daily. It is a saddening fact. There are many groups and organizations who aim to stop this cruelty to animals, such as the ASPCA. However, domestic animal abuse is not the only problem. There is another terribly depressing issue, which completely violates animal rights. Worse yet, our American government is doing very close to nothing to stop it. This is exactly why we, as citizens of the United States of America, must speak up and act out, in order to call on our government to fix these problems.

Overpopulation is a huge problem. Dogs and cats are overpopulated as is, yet greedy breeders and puppy mill owners get more and more each and every day, for the sole purpose of money. Although some puppy mills and breeders might actually care, many are careless when it comes to the wellbeing of the animals; they only want their money. As a result of this greed, numbers of euthanized animals are skyrocketing each year.

There are statistics now that in recent years, seven to eight million dogs and cats wound up in animal shelters. Of that ridiculously high number, three to four million were euthanized by the shelter due to overpopulation or disease. This is an absolutely outrageous HALF of the dogs and cats who go to a "shelter" annually and end up dead. All because said breeders and puppy mill owners continue to make more.

We, the undersigned, highly suggest to the government of the United States of America, that owning a puppy mill or becoming a breeder must be far more regulated.

All puppy mills should be government-run, or at least by people trusted by the government to run them. These non-government owners need to be checked consistently to make sure that the breeders are not overpopulating and that they are not mistreating the animals.

We ask, why is it inhumane to throw a number of guilty criminals, men and women who have killed innocent people, all into a gas chamber, yet it is fine to throw a bunch of innocent animals who only seek our love and care inside of one? Why is it inhumane to make the guilty humans of the world, who did something that made them deserve to breathe in carbon monoxide, get to roam free and overcrowd our prisons, being offered free television? Yet these innocent animals are forced to breathe in the deadly gas for no reason whatsoever, bar our own human race's greed. It's not right. It's not just.

We, the undersigned, are speaking up for these animals, because we have a voice. They don't. Fix this, Washington.

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