Democratic Party Primary Voters
United States of America

Much has been said by candidates in the Democratic Party Primary of utilizing Superdelegates and / or the seating of the Michigan and Florida delegates to provide a candidate with the required delegate count for election as the Democratic Presidential candidate.

This has been said while acknowledging that the use of such Superdelegates could go against the pledged delegate count, and thus the will of the Democratic Party Primary voters.

The seating of the Florida and Michigan delegates has also been proposed in clear opposition to the solution agreed upon by the DNC, and all candidates, to address the refusal of those two states to not move their Democratic Primaries earlier in the calendar year. This has been proposed by a Democratic candidate, despite the fact that, prior to the Primary, that candidate and staff members had previously agreed to the DNC decision to not seat those delegations.

The net effect of either of the above could serve to nominate a candidate in a way that would obviate the will of the Democratic Primary voters.

This petition is a way to serve notice to those in power in the Democratic Party and the candidates participating in this Presidential Primary that such tactics are viewed by the signers of this petition as a fatal breach of the trust of the members of the Democratic Party.

In particular, such a breach of trust is viewed as so serious that the signers of this petition would actively work to insure that such a candidate is not elected to the highest office in the land.

The most essential ingredient of democracy is in the expression of the will of the people by their vote. A presidential candidate that would subvert that will for their own gain, no matter what the claimed ideal, is not deserving of that office.

We the undersigned declare the following: Should any Democratic Party candidate for the 2008 Presidential Election utilize Superdelegates or the seating of the previously banned delegates of Florida or Michigan to subvert the will of the people as evidenced by the popular vote and pledged delegate count of the Democratic Primary process, and be named the Democratic Candidate, we will not vote for that Democratic Candidate in the 2008 General Election.

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