#Animal Welfare
The Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP
United Kingdom

Every year at least 10,000 greyhounds retire from racing in the UK. Many of these simply 'disappear'.

Racing greyhounds may face a number of welfare issues during their lives including:-

* Overbreeding leading to thousands of unwanted dogs being killed.
* Injuries caused by inappropriate track surface and design.
* Being abandoned and killed when they don't make the grade.

When they retire greyhounds meet one of 9 fates, 6 of which are totally unacceptable.

1. Abandoned and end up being taken to the local pound.
2. Abandoned and die.
3. Abandoned and then found by a member of the public and kept as a pet.
4. Abandoned and found by a rescue organisation and rehomed.
5. Killed by their owner.
6. Euthanased by a vet.

The acceptable alternatives to this are:-

1. Kept by their owner as a pet.
2. Rehomed to a good home by their owner.
3. Handed to a rescue organisation and then rehomed.

We, the undersigned, want independent greyhound racing tracks to be licensed by local authorities.

In addition we also request that owners be responsible for their greyhounds after retirement by ensuring that their dogs are either kept safely in their care or rehomed adequately.

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